Dr. Daniels and Son is one of the largest purchasers of Land Contracts in Michigan. The Daniels family has purchased Land Contracts and private (seller-held) notes and mortgages for three generations. Allan Daniels has been Licensed in Michigan Real Estate since 1988 and specializes in offering CASH 4 Land Contracts on all types of property. Allan is the oldest son of Dr. Loren S. Daniels, whose father began buying Land Contracts in the 1930’s.
Our offices are conveniently located at 43902 Woodward Avenue, Suite 20, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302. (click for map).

We are open Monday through Friday and evenings and weekends by appointment.  Telephone  248-335-6166 or 800-837-6166,

We offer a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss any aspect of your Land Contract or to investigate the option of selling your Land Contract for CASH.

We strive to assist everyone that calls us with a goal to create a comfortable, win-win situation. We have outstanding credentials and references, and as a family business, we do not compromise integrity.

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