The Process of Selling Your Land Contract

Dr. Daniels and Son specializes in purchasing Land Contracts. There are many ways of getting a Lump Sum of Cash from your Land Contract. You can sell the entire Land Contract at once, or you can sell a part of your Land Contract now and still collect payments again in the future. Unlike a loan, you do not have to go into debt to have immediate CASH to invest, pay bills, or to accomplish any business, family, or personal goal.

Q: Why Sell My Land Contract?

1. You receive a substantial Lump Sum of Immediate Cash so you can accomplish major goals, settle an estate, invest, anything you want.

2. You won’t have the concerns, worry, and possible headache of checking whether the buyer has paid taxes and insurance.

3. You will no longer worry each month about frittering payments away on minor incidental expenses.

4. You won’t have to worry about collecting, bookkeeping, recording, accounting, IRS Reporting.

5. You won’t feel awkward or uncomfortable contacting your buyer to discuss a late payment or have to worry, go to court, or hire an attorney if the buyer fails to make payments.


Call Allan Daniels at 800-837-6166 for a FREE CONSULTATION with NO OBLIGATION to answer all your questions about how to access LUMP SUM CASH from your Land Contract or other real estate note. We can present options so you can decide whether keeping your land contract or converting it to an immediate lump sum of cash meets your needs. It is your decision.

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