Reasons to Sell Your Land Contract

Reasons to Sell Your Land Contract

Many land contract holders (those receiving payments for property sold on land contract) may wish to sell their land contract for cash.

If having a lump sum of cash now instead of continuing to wait for many more months or years sounds appealing, call us at 248-335-6166.  We can explain the process and provide a free, no obligation, cash quote on your land contract.

Selling your land contract for cash is a good option if you find yourself worried about keeping track of insurance and property taxes, or you’re having sleepless nights thinking about late payments or the stress, delay, and costs of a default or foreclosure.

Also, if a land contract is part of an inheritance, you may find that selling the contract saves time and simplifies the distribution of assets.

If you need cash to pay a debt, make a purchase, or just to have some extra liquidity and peace of mind for a rainy-day, then selling your land contract may be the solution for you.

Keep in mind that when you sell us your land contract, the terms do not change.  Also, your will be dealing with a Michigan-based, family business that has been buying land contracts for three generations.

Call Allan Daniels now at 248-335-6166 with any questions or to receive a no obligation quote.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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